Check out Burning Man’s 747 jumbo jet nightclub

Burning Man is going big this year, based on the announcement of an official live stream and a lineup of talented performers at settings like Camp Questionmark. One creative group is taking art cars to the next level by turning a 747 jumbo jet into a nightclub on wheels.
The Big Imagination Foundation spent months turning a 1985 Boeing commercial airplane into what they consider the “largest moving art experience ever made.” Their project rivals other art installations on the Playa by hollowing out the plane’s body to make room for a music and art space.

The plane’s tail and side wings have been removed or clipped, with the upper deck modified to be an open air rooftop area. Indoor row seating has been switched out for lounge chairs and couches, offering up a more relaxed atmosphere. The 50-ton plane will be traveling around Black Rock City as pulled by an aircraft tug car.

The new, immersive experience commences once passengers answer the question “What baggage do you need to lose?,” creating an ‘Emotional Baggage Tag’ that accompanies the boarding pass which asks, “Where are you going?” The answers are then displayed on a wall to gratify the creators’ intention of making the Jet a total psychological and visual event.

The Big Imagination Foundation is also looking into developing a VR app for non-Playa participants to enjoy, as crowdfunded through their IndieGogo campaign.






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