Hi! – Are you looking for a distributor?

You want to have your own label and stop relying on others?

BGD Company gives you the opportunity to get your Label easy and fast!


Distribution Features


  • Weekly sales information from Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Trackitdown + more
  • Your music listed under your label on all stores
  • Rapid response customer service via email or telephone
  • In-depth, transparent financial reporting & accounting
  • Free deliveries, updates and takedowns to stores
  • 100% of the royalties for your Label
  • Access to your “Label – Control Panel”
  • You can send all the music you want to stores for free, forever!
  • You can upload your audio files via FTP
  • And much more…


media_record How it works?


The method is simple.


 Register your Premium Account
 Access the option: “Create your Label” (main menu)
 Complete the application
 Done! Your Digital Label was created!


When your label be active, you will receive in your email a private web address where you will have access to your Control Panel to send releases, status of sales, mastering tracks and more.


Note: After creating your new label you can access your account and use our “Social Promotions”. To promote your music with DJs, friends and the general public.
Each publication is Sync with our official Facebook page.


media_record Minimum Requirements


It is very important have a strong presence in social networks. Having a good image will cause you to be accepted in stores like Beatport. Your profile, your logo, your projects and interest to grow are essential to work co-ordinated manner.

We recommend that before creating a new label keep these details in order to start working with BGD Distribution. Please note these requirements:


 Label Name (Verify that the new label name is not registered at stores like Beatport)

 Logo Label (1400 x 1400 px .jpg)

 SoundCloud Profile (You need to upload at least 2 tracks demos on your profile SC. Some stores like Beatport can verify the quality of your music)

 1 Artist associated (Your Label should be at least 1 Artist associated)

 Releases (To begin you need to have ready to send 1 Release)


media_record Pricing


We will not complicate to you with monthly payments or profit percentages.
One payment only. That’s it? Yes, that’s all.

Profit is 100% for your Label.


Consult for creating multiple labels. We have discount coupons.

Ready To Sign Up? Let’s Started!



The payment of each premium account is unique. No renewals or surcharges. No weekly, monthly or annual costs. Accounts for New labels include “Social Promotion” free service.


media_record Costs and Benefits


Digital Label Available/Details Service Fee/USD
Unlimited Access to Promotions Yes $0,00
100% Of Beatport Royalties Yes $0,00
Over 50 Stores Available Yes $0,00
Paypal Payment System Yes $0,00
Profile and Dashboard Yes $0,00
Online Distribution Yes $0,00
Promo Mail Service Yes $0,00
Mastering Services Yes $10,00 per Track and more options
100% Royalties Yes $0,00
Yearly Fee No Annual Cost $0,00
File Uploads (MP3) Yes/Unlimited Uploads $0,00
Payments Each Quarter $0,00
Facebook Sync  Yes $0,00
Social Networks Yes $0,00
Full Control Panel Yes $0,00
Unlimited Releases Yes $0,00
Weekly Sales Report Yes $0,00
Support 24 Hrs. Yes $0,00
Label Account Activation: $49,00 / No weekly or monthly expenses. (Single Payment)
Social Promotion Available/Details Service Fee/USD
Unlimited promotions Yes $0,00
Easy Email Sender Yes $0,00
Access to Promotions Yes/Unlimited $0,00
Yearly Fee No Annual Cost $0,00
Facebook Sync Yes $0,00
Social Networks Yes $0,00
File Uploads (MP3) Yes/Unlimited Uploads $0,00
Profile and Dashboard Yes $0,00
Promotions Account Activation: $29,00 / No weekly or monthly expenses. (Single Payment)