Terms and Conditions



We want to show transparency and clarity in our terms and conditions for each user to access information quickly and easily.
That’s why we present basic and simple requirements for active users on our platform.
This allows a more comfortable and without returns for our customers interaction, artists, external users and guests.


Our system is ready to connect to you with more than 50 stores worldwide.

The platform was developed based on PHP5, Java, HTML5 among other tools. Our template design is based on WordPress.

This template is connected to our distribution system and private administration. Each label created makes a single payment. No weekly, monthly or annual payments. The cost is unique and is paid only once. Each label accept our terms and conditions when entering to work through BGD DISTRIBUTOR.

No contracts are issued, we only require that the rules which have to be respected here:


• Each account has access to a Control Panel where you manage your Digital Label.

• You must maintain active Label. And send at least 3 releases in the period of three months. The Labels that do not meet this requirement will be suspended for the period of 90 days.

• We respect your privacy. WE NOT share your personal information with any other service. Only that you allow us access.

• It is very important to be neat and tidy on every release. Maintain a good presence in the stores will help you grow your Label.

• DO NOT post or share pornographic material at COVERS your releases. Such data will be rejected and punished.

• DO NOT send material that may infringe copyright policy. (3RD)

• If you want to change your mind these are available from your Control Panel or ask any special modification our Support Team.

• You can leave BGD DISTRIBUTOR whenever you want. The cancellation of the Label will automatically give in our system. You can then connect to another distributor, this is done in the 72 hour period skillful. No contract stipulated. We only require that before starting to work with our distributor analyze your time and staff to successfully reach your label.

• Sales of digital releases published every online store will be applied under discounts and payment processing outside BGD Company.
The discount rate will be applied for each store and the respective royalties will be reflected in the panel of each Label.

• Contracts for each artist associated with a label must be generated and created by each label. The terms, conditions and other requirements will also be developed for each label.


By meeting these requirements allows you to access a number of benefits designed for your Label, for your Label Artists and Yourself. If you have questions, queries or suggestions, please contact us.